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My Story

Chapter 1  Insurance

Hello from Laura

My career began at Ticor Title Insurance and Trust where I started working after high school. My first position was as title searcher and document recorder. For the next few years I searched title in Kern and San Diego Counties and advanced to senior title searcher. During this time I saved my money to put myself through college where I earned an undergraduate degree in Economics.

After college I returned to title insurance and worked in Sonoma County as an account executive.  In less than three years I saved my money to pay for an MBA and buy my first two real properties. As an MBA my published thesis was a study of perceptions of title insurance industry branch managers toward subordinates.

As a graduate student, my skill in interpersonal and group communication lead to a 13 year part-time career as an university lecturer.  As a lecturer I studied and taught over 100 upper division finance, marketing, and other business courses courses including risk and insurance, investment management, financial planning, financial management and more.

Chapter 2  Securities and Real Estate Investments

While I worked part-time at the university I completed the NASD series 7, 63, and 65 exams and used my income from teaching to open an investment advisory firm and to purchase homes three and four.

About eight years after I became a financial advisor I realized that I could use my knowledge to make more money, work less, and decrease my professional liability by becoming a real estate investor instead of a securities advisor. In order to earn a living while I completed the required coursework, I accepted a position appraising and acquiring property rights for the State of California as a Right of Way Agent. The State paid for most of my real estate training as it was required of the position.

In 2006 after the real estate market made the first big correction I left the State and over the next ten years used my knowledge and license to purchase and manage properties five, six, and seven.

 House 4

House 4

Chapter 3  Risk Management Specialist

 House 7

House 7

Today I am ready to use my education, experience, and practice to contribute to the success of an already successful organization.  As a risk management professional with experience in securities, realty, and insurance I am in a unique position to add value to your firm in these areas:

  • Property Field Claims Adjuster (USA and International)

  • Mortgage and/or Insurance Underwriter (CAL BRE #01760523 active) / (NMLS #1287007 inactive)

  • Title Examiner or Officer

  • Other Risk Specialist Opportunities

Seeking to Relocate

  • Southern California Including Greater Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, and Ventura counties
  • Greater Vancouver BC Area
  • Puget Sound Including Seattle, Bellevue/Kirkland, and Olympia
  • Bay Area California
  • Calgary AB

Mobile: 949.304.8623


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Phone: 949-304-8623