Steps in the European Facial

Healthy skin often begins with a Classic European facial. This classic facial is the foundation of skin care and should be continued as a part of ongoing monthly skin care routine. Classic European facials are uncomplicated and designed to improve the look, feel and overall health of the skin. You will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed with your healthier and brighter complexion. One of the most important steps of a Classic European facial is the analysis of the skin. It [...]

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Moving North

In May 2019 I will complete my training and board exams to become a licensed Esthetician and plan to work in a cooler climate at least part-time.  This has been a dream of mine for many years. Everyday I see beauty in people that they do not see in themselves. As a licensed Esthetician I will have the opportunity to help them bring out their outer beauty. Outer beauty is our way of cultivating our inner confidence so that we [...]

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Why a Buyer Should Never Pay More than Appraised Value on Leveraged Property

Recently a friend asked me to explain why a buyer should never pay more than appraised value on leveraged property.  Since she had taken a few classes I began by explaining the opportunity costs associated with this strategy and I could see her eyes "glass-over" and I knew I had lost her. When I shifted gears and started showing her the economic costs in dollars and cents, she began to understand.  Here are my examples. Example 1 Let's say you [...]

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Orange County Great for Athletes

Consider Orange County. Forbes Magazine recently reported that Orange County is one of the most likely places to raise a world class athlete. The Realtor Association reports that the housing market for 2017 is optimistic for first-time home buyers. Almost half of these buyers are under 35 years old. If you are moving to California, consider Orange County. Not only is it more affordable than the Bay Area, Forbes Magazine recently reported that Orange County is one of the most [...]

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Millennials are Fueling California’s Real Estate Growth

This is the California real estate update for October 20th and the first in a series of posts that looks at some of the interesting trends, stats, and opportunities in real estate in California and Orange County. The format includes about 3-4 interesting notes and the entire podcast will last about 6o seconds. I am working with professional newscaster Mary West and am grateful for her talent. Some of the podcasts will be my way of introducing topics that I [...]

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Property Management Certification for Real Estate Investments

Yesterday I completed the requirements to earn a certificate in property management by the California Association of Realtors®. I decided to add this designation to gain a better understanding of the challenges facing today's investors and property owners.

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This Laguna Woods Woman Worksout, Swims, and Goes to Work

Laguna Woods Dynamic Red Head Moving to an age restricted community is not what I thought it would be, it's better. Part of what I find exciting are the people. Everyday since I moved to Laguna Woods, I meet interesting people and the first day I moved in was no exception. I remember distinctly meeting this little red head. In spite of being only about 5' tall, this little fireball Dolores walks over to greet me with a swagger. I knew [...]

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SRES Designation Certificate 2016

Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) Designation This week I successfully completed the Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation course and was awarded the appropriate certification. I decided to complete the course to demonstrate a commitment to helping everyone, including people over the age of 50. As a seasoned financial planner and educator, I found the designation would be a perfect fit for my offerings in Laguna Woods. Why a Senior Specialist? Today's definition of senior typically includes people over the age of [...]

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Tax-Deferred 1031 Exchanges

A 1031 exchange involves a swap of like-kind real estate for like-kind real estate. Tax-deferred 1031 Exchanges are important for investors of commercial and income properties. Federal tax law allows taxpayers to defer capital gains tax on the exchange of property used in trade or business or held for investment. A 1031 exchange postpones taxes, it does not eliminate them.  However when a property is transferred to an heir with the basis step-up that occurs, capital gains tax are forgiven at [...]

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Conventional Loan

A conventional loan is a mortgage that is not guaranteed or insured by the US government. Conventional mortgages include construction loans, portfolio loans, and subprime loans. Conventional loans are the most common type of mortgage.

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Loan Application Checklist

All Applicants Copy of current form SSA-1099 for receipt of Social Security Current bank statements, dated within 30 days of application. (All pages for each account: savings, checking, etc.) Current monthly statement for mutual funds, retirement accounts, IRA's, stocks, etc. dated within 30 days of application. (All pages) Completed and signed Uniform Residential Loan Application Addendum to Uniform Residential Loan Application Completed and signed Insurance Coverage Signed Authorization to Release Signed Notice Regarding Your Application Request for Transcript of Tax [...]

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SSL Security for Clients and Patients

SSL security for clients and patients is often overlooked when private practices develop purchase web development services. Every site owner knows that over time, the costs start adding up. The cost of SSL for a small practice is often seen as prohibitive.  This article was written for my clients who at times make very bad decisions when it comes to SSL.  I have included very basic and general information about SSL. What is a Certificate Authority (CA) A certification authority [...]

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Graphic Design and Logos

Graphic design is an essential part of every piece of marketing collateral and is undertaken to convey a specific message (or messages) to a target audience. I provide a variety of graphic designs for logos, packaging, branding, print and web. I use a combination of typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to produce a balanced, focused and symmetrical final result.

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Seattle WordCamp 2013 at University of Washington

I am excited to attend this year's Seattle WordCamp 2013. I've been lucky enough to attend WordCamp in SF, but this is the first time in Seattle. This is also the first time I will be speaking at WordCamp. As a seasoned DrupalCamp speaker, I am excited to get more involved in the WordPress community. Seattle WordCamp 2013 - University of Washington June 8h For the last few years I have been working more with WordPress than I have with [...]

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Best Online Storage Reviewed

Review of Online Storage Providers Online storage of computer files is becoming more important to companies, professional practices, and even individuals and families. I have been purchasing online storage for several years and am thrilled with all the storage solutions that are commonly known as cloud storage. This article provides a quick review of cloud storage providers. If you are seeking an exhaustive list, take a look at Wikipedia's comparison of online backup services. Shop Before You Buy A few [...]

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Take Control of Your Site

It is easy for small business owners to manage their own hosting and domain registration services if you keep it simple and avoid temptations. 1) Start Here with Hostgator hosting (since they will move your site FOR FREE).  Do this before you initiate hosting or at the same time. 2)  Follow this link to order a shared hosting plan with HostGator.  If you have one domain order the "Hatchling Plan"; if you have more than one domain order the "Baby [...]

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Configure Email for Outlook

Be sure to replace with your actual domain name. Your/Display name: anything you want Email address: enter the full address ( Type of connection: POP3 or IMAP Incoming mail server: Outgoing mail server: Outgoing mail server does require authentication. Incoming mail port: 110 for POP3, 143 for IMAP Outgoing mail port: 25 (If 25 does not work, try 26, as some ISPs block port 25) ** No SSL boxes should be checked ** Note: If you want [...]

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Managing your Email with cPanel

Managing your email is a snap with cPanel and Webmail. Simply follow the simple steps below and you are on your way to having total control over your email. Intended Audience:  Clients with maintenance agreement for hosting Objective: Demonstrate how to create, edit and delete email accounts Critical Information: This does not show HOW to set-up your email accounts. Please refer to an earlier post for that information. Step 1.  Login to Webmail using your entire email address such as [...]

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Adding Value to Your Practice Increases Your Net Worth

I was recently talking to local practitioner about ways to add value to the firm. During the course of the conversation I realized that he and I were talking about two different concepts. I was talking about adding value to his net worth and he was talking about the economic concept of value added activities.  I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to discuss the difference between the two and to provide a couple examples of how you can [...]

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How to get started with a Website

This article was written to answer some simple questions about websites, domains, email, hosting, and other important internet services. If you've ever wondered how sites are hosted and by whom, and how domain names are created, then this article will be helpful. Where to Start You will want to begin by finding a domain name for your website. For example . There are a couple of sites I recommend to find a domain name. If you know the name [...]

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How to Set-Up Email with cPanel

I provide cPanel software for my clients to manage their server account. cPanel is server administration software that makes it easy to perform the necessary tasks to maintain your server. Many clients want to manage their email accounts and/or want the ability to create, edit, and delete accounts without our assistance. Intended Audience:  Clients with maintenance agreement for hosting Objective: Demonstrate how to create, edit and delete email accounts Critical Information: This does not show HOW to manage your email [...]

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Private Practices

Writing effective copy is a very challenging job that has been made more difficult with the need to make the information search engine optimized. Search engine optimized (SEO) copywriting requires clear goals and precise keywords.  If these keywords are used appropriately and in a clear manner, you will improve your search engine rankings. If you improve your search engine rankings you will increase the likelihood that your website will be “found” on the internet. Search engine optimization for private practices [...]

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Housing Corporations

Housing Corporations at Laguna Woods Village Third Laguna Hills Mutual Condominiums United Laguna Woods Mutual Stock Co-Operative Laguna Woods Mutual No. Fifty High-Rise Condominiums Financial Requirements Summary Assets of $125,000 more than the price of the property Annual income of $36,000 (co-op) to $42,000 (condo) Age Requirements Summary One owner must be 55 years of age or older A co-occupant of the resident must be at least 45 years of age A live in care provider can be an adult any age A [...]

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Emergency Services

Emergency Services - Call 911 CALL 911 IF THIS IS AN EMERGENCY Emergency Resource List Care Ambulance Service Call 911 Orange County Fire Authority Call 911 Hospitals And Medical Centers Near Laguna Woods Hoag Hospital Irvine 949-764-4624 16200 Sand Canyon Avenue Irvine, CA 92618 Kaiser Permanente 888-988-2800 3440 E La Palma Ave Anaheim, CA 92806 Orange Coast Memorial Care (714) 378-7000 18111 Brookhurst Street Fountain Valley, CA 92708 Saddleback Memorial - Laguna Hills (949) 837-4500 Saddleback Memorial Medical Center - [...]

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Safety Highlights

Laguna Woods is considered one of the safest cities in California. Per 100,000 Arcata Chico Laguna Woods 2012 2013 2012 2013 2012 2013 Murders 0 17 1 2 0 0 Rapes 12 39 53 47 0 12 Robberies 115 84 109 108 12 6 Assaults 184 239 161 183 12 12 Burglaries 948 826 893 705 121 133 Thefts 2958 3561 1446 1777 730 603 Ref:

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Kirombo Opening Soon

We are excited to release this YouTube commercial in anticipation of the grand opening of the health and beauty marketing services offered by Kirombo. Kirombo is a producer's rep group that provides a variety of sales and marketing services.  You can visit Kirombo online.

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Economic Summary

Laguna Woods Statistics Home Prices As seen around the nation, home prices started falling in the mid 2000's. Laguna Woods was no exception. The median home price today is reported between $260,000 - $311,000 depending on the source. Here are some interesting statistics by National Association of Realtors® Population Growth Last Year: -10.1% Cost of Living 27.4% lower than state Unemployment 4.4%* County Laguna Woods Economic Summary According to analysts at Zillow®, the market temperature in Laguna Woods is "soft", [...]

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LinkedIn Security Breach

If you have an account with LinkedIn you should read this email. The social network giant has had a major security breach in their password database and a file with 6.5 million hashed passwords appeared in a forum based in Russia. The posted file does not include user names or any other data, however that may mean that the hacker simply did not post that part of the stolen information. It is advised that you change your LinkedIn password Read [...]

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Project Planning

Project Planning Client and developer work together to define the project and project deliverables. Includes these steps: Requirements analysis client goals, target audience, detailed feature requests and as much relevant information as you can possibly gather. Project charter summary of agreed upon information define navigation gain access to servers and build folder structure Determine required software and resources cms plugins designs stock media [divider] Mock-Up Design The design stage involves taking the information gathered in the planning stage and creating [...]

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Think Marketing Internet Solutions

Have you ever wondered about the M I S in our company name?  Originally, the MIS part of the name came from the acronym "management information systems", which is the initial intent for the company. Given that we create custom databases, project managers, CRMs and more we thought MIS was a good match. As time went on, the company began to focus more on marketing and less on management. Now, we are moving from management information systems (MIS) to marketing [...]

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In the Community

Last week we released a new edition of It contains three slide show galleries: People, Places, and Things.  The photos in the exhibit were taken in a variety of cities and were typically taken outdoors at community events.  The slide shows have musical accompaniments, so be sure your speakers are on. Thank you for visiting our gallery. […]

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Free Mobile Edition

Order a Quick CMS Website by June 16th and receive a Free mobile edition of your site.  The mobile edition will be created with a mobile theme that is designed to better display your site's information with mobile devices. What's Included: Home Page Blog or News List of Services Contact Form About Us Order any CMS Website including any Quick CMS site between today and June 16th, 2012 and get your free mobile edition.

By |2018-11-15T09:52:59+00:00March 20th, 2012|Specials| is a pre-configured and populated website that is designed for lenders who offer SBA 504 loans.  Purchase the site as-is, redesign, and/or change all the content. The choice is yours. Includes 80 published articles about the 504 loan program, 80 image files, published 504 rates for more than two years, and embedded SBA YouTube videos. The site is equipped with custom forms that can be used to produce a business plan that meets the requirements of the 504 loan [...]

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Getting Settled In

The announcement that the SBBTC was closing was discouraging at first, but when I began to consider the possibilities I immediately saw this as an opportunity to move Avalon MIS closer to some important constituents.  Over the last several months I have been working with several organizations that are in Northern California. A move further north in California would give me more "face time" with these clients. That is how I came to the decision to seek a new address, this time [...]

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Celebrity Website

Actress, writer, and comedian Nadya Ginsburg trusted Avalon M I S to transform her old WordPress website with a new celebrity site that is designed to showcase her talent. We first saw Ms. Ginsburg on the MSNBC Today Show where she was interviewed in response of her "Al Roker" music video. Ms. Ginsburg needed a way to display her many videos, sell tickets to performances, and provide background and biographical information.

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Drupal Joomla or WordPress Comparison

Which Content Management System is Right For Your Organization? Each week my office gets calls from prospects who are making a decision between content management systems and are seeking my input on which to choose, Drupal Joomla or WordPress.  Avalon M I S works with all the popular open source CMS brands whereas some digital marketing companies only work with one brand. It has taken me a few years to develop a practical set of tools that could help organizations [...]

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On-Demand Social Media

Avalon M I S  launched a new website and new services at  The website and services are in response to prospects and clients who are looking for affordable, on-demand social media and business services. The site is powered by WordPress and was developed to make it easy for prospects and clients to order and request services. VISIT CONCIERGEMBA.COM  

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Social Media for Candidates

Quick Social Media Tips for Political Candidates As the political season heats up it is time for some quick tips for your social media campaign. Here are 10 things that every candidate needs to do. 10 things that every candidate needs to do Either create a CMS website or use Campaign Partner Open an Instagram account. Open a MailChimp account. Create a list called "Your Name for Congress". Create a Facebook Page using PageModo.  Start by logging into your Facebook [...]

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Stop Censorship in USA

On Wednesday Jan. 18th thousands of sites will go dark to protest SOPA & PIPA, two US bills racing through Congress that threaten prosperity, online security, and freedom of expression. The White House opposes the bill and announced last Friday that the legislation "reduces freedom of expression, increases cybersecurity risk, or undermines the dynamic, innovative global Internet". The Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) has faced tremendous opposition and today's Black Out is an indication of the attitudes of the companies [...]

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Edit Content

Editing content in a WordPress site is a snap. This short instructional video will give you the basics. Simply click the image and the video will start playing. Be sure to enlarge the video for best viewing Video contains music.

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Quick Twitter Strategy

Busy professionals typically don't have the time to budget daily blogging and tweeting. One quick and easy approach is to implement a retweet strategy. A simple retweet strategy will help you create content and connect with others without much work. Watch this 40 second video to learn how to retweet. Click on the image to view the video or click here.

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Design Types Step 1

Read This To develop your site, please start by giving us a GENERAL SENSE of the type of design you prefer. Of the ten designs presented below please select 1-2 that you like the best. That gives us a general sense of the type of designs that will fit your needs. Based on your answers, you will be presented with 20-40 designs from which to choose. You can use the form at the bottom of the page to indicate your [...]

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Blue vCard

vCard personal websites are growing in popularity. This vCard personal site was completed for this business professional and delivered within 36 hours of receiving the order. If you don't have vCard site, then it is time you do. Take a look at this month's special.

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Warm Hearts

Avalon MIS is about to launch our latest brochure site for our friends at Cold Noses Warm Hearts. Cold Noses Warm Hearts is a non-profit organization that provides grooming, boarding, and placement services for dogs in-need.  This Website is a simple website that is integrated with Craigslist so that when the staff announces a pet for adoption, it is automatically posted to the website. The site is completed and is planned to launch the first week of December. Project Deliverables: Dynamic [...]

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Connecting Point

I attended the Sacramento's 2011 Regional Connecting Point event at the Citrus Heights Community Center and it "rocked". The event was energetic, great workshops, panel discussions, and tons of small business resources and networking opportunities. The sponsors included the Sacramento Public Agency Consortium, also known as SacPAC, the City of Citrus Heights, and the Citrus Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce. Personally I found the event to be a good use of my time and was far superior to the Gov [...]

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Quick Landing Websites

The Quick Landing Websites were released in December 2011 at These Websites are offered to small business owners who are interested in attractive, functional, and affordable Websites that are delivered in a short-period of time. Avalon MIS has been a leader in Website training for nearly a decade and are now offering new and redesigned Websites for small business.

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eLearning Package

Avalon MIS is working on a white label eLearning project to provide training and documentation to a Fortune 500 company. The services that we are providing are white label, which means we are working as a sub-contractor on this project. The prime contractor is developing a Drupal powered Website and Avalon MIS is providing the documentation, instructor-led virtual training, and a modest eLearning Website. Project Deliverables Online Learning Environment 65 Page Website Handbook 2 3-hour Interactive Training Sessions

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Drupal Camp LA Presentation

Drupal Camp LA was held at UC Irvine in Early August. This year Laura Scroggins made two presentations including "Huff, Puff, and Webonomics".  The second presentation was called "She Codes Like a Girl" which targeted women programmers who are active in the Drupal community and over the age of 40. This very small group of important and skilled women were asked to develop a list of skills and traits that they believed have helped with their career and to identify potential barriers that younger women [...]

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Project Work Flow

Web Development Approach 1. Discover Client provides all content within 10 days of project start.  When content is received the project manager meets with client to discuss navigation, design, and site message.  If content is not received in 10 days the project is set aside and the cost of the project is increased by 10% for every two days that content is not received. 2. Define Based on the content received by the client and the results of the interview, [...]

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eLearning Package

eLearning projects bring a certain amount of excitement to Avalon MIS, especially when the environment is supplemented with learning materials and interactive training. The client on this project is a large Web developer and SEO strategist who was awarded a contract to develop 12 Websites for a State government agency. The CMS developments are powered by Drupal, so Avalon MIS was hired to provide training and training material (collateral). ** Sub-Prime Contract Project Deliverables Online Learning Environment 25 Page Website [...]

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Small Biz Site

Dandy Dogs in Goleta California wanted an attractive and affordable Website that would helps clients find and contact her. She did not need online booking or eCommerce but did want an attractive and inviting site. Project Deliverables: Multiple page Website Includes Contact Form Google Map Stock Photos Slideshow Website: DandyDogs.Biz

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Avalon Real Estate Management is a California licensed real estate brokerage firm specializing in commercial real estate management and residential property management. All financial and real estate services discussed at this site are provided by Avalon Real Estate Management.

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WordCamp SF 2010

Just got back from my first WordCamp and was inspired by my experience. I've attended Joomla® Camps and Drupal® Camps, and this was my favorite for many reasons. First I want to discuss the similarities. The venue was definitely packed with people who were eager to learn. There were some great speakers and overall I learned tons of information. Now, how were they different? WordCamp had more swag, more diversity, catered lunch, and great music. I was lucky enough to [...]

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Web 2.0 Expo

Had a great time at the Web 2.0 Expo and was particularly impressed with a young man who pitched open{subnet}. I searched the Internet and found the company Kiwi Commons who's mission is to "To provide the best Internet safety resources for parents, educators and youth workers across North America. To encourage proactive strategies for youth and online safety through education, discussion and community building." If I had kids, I would definitely check out this company's offerings. [flickr-gallery mode="photoset" photoset="'72157626259192707"]

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Joomla Day West 2010

Looking forward to the upcoming Joomla! Day West at Ebay in San Jose. Good news, Allen "Gunner" Gunn will be the MC again this year! Sponsored by ebay, Microsoft, and the busy team at Kontent Design. Speakers this year include Andrew Eddie, Louis Landry, Ron Severdia, Paul Orwig, Ryan Ozimek, and Aaron Newton.

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504 Planner

Finding and accessing financial information and resources is challenging for most small business owners. This is particularly true when you are considering the purchase of commercial property.  The 504 Planner™ Website is a tool for small business owners who are considering the purchase of commercial property for their business. In particular to business owners who are considering a 504 loan from the U.S. Small Business Administration.  Website:

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Joomla Website

Avalon MIS created a Website for this export compliance officer located in Santa Barbara, California. The attorney wanted something clean that minimized design to maximize the readability of the content. Project Deliverables 1 Brochure Website with Blog Social Media Ready

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Website and Photos

The best way to demonstrate the features and benefits of your services is to "show" people. This Central Coast chiropractor decided photographs of her adjusting a two month old baby would be an effective way to communicate the gentle nature of her treatments. The mother and daughter were on the adjusting table together with the infant comfortably and safely in her mother's arms. ** The photo shoot took two staff members about an hour to set-up at the Doctor's office. [...]

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San Diego Drupal Camp

  San Diego Drupal Camp 2009 attracted some amazing talent including: Andrew Root, Mike Stewart, Christoph Weber, and Karl Scheirer just to name a few. The camp was held at Platt College San Diego, a graphics art school in east SD. The room were comfortable and as with most camps were full of knowledgeable teachers and eager students. The volunteers who worked on SAND Camp should be congratulated on created an event that focused on learning. The classrooms were small [...]

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Drupal Camp LA 2008

I am excited to announce that I've been invited to speak at Drupal Camp LA 2008. This is the second annual DrupalCampLA and last year's event was fantastic. If you are a Drupal developer, designer, or end user this event is for you. If you've never been to a DrupalCamp here are a couple of pointers: Register early and remember to bring a friend. Be prepared to meet people and don't be shy. Volunteer if possible. Wear comfortable clothes, bring [...]

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Web 2.0 Expo 2008 What can I say ... it was a little overwhelming, in a very good way.

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Linux Expo

My first Linux Expo was informative and easy to navigate, much like a good database. I arrived in Los Angeles early Saturday to a full parking lot. That is usually a good indicator that an expo is going to be successful. As I entered the expo registration area I was directed by a perky greeter who pointed me to the self check-in area. Within three minutes I moved through check-in, got my printed badge, bag, shirt, and schedule and was [...]

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Berkeley Drupal

  Just attended my first meeting of the Berkeley Drupal Users Group at the UC Berkeley campus. Thanks to Tao Starbow for making me feel welcome. I became interested in this particular user group after presenting at BADCamp 07. BADCamp attracted such an interesting and diverse crowd that I had to see if it was reflective of the Berkeley Drupal Users Group and I am happy to report it was! The most important information that I learned from this meeting was that each installed module will impact [...]

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Drupal Camp LA 2007

  Wow ... thank you to AOL for such a great venue and Crystal ... you rock! Some of the interesting things I learned at Camp Today: 1) Still more men in technology but wow, these were an amazing group of guys. 2) Drupal seems to attract smart, fun loving, collaborative folks who are eager to share and help out. 3) There are more opportunities than there are developers. 4) Developing modules may be easier than I thought. I am [...]

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Joomla! Day West 2007

Recently held in San Francisco Joomla! Day West 2007 was a great way for about 100 people to acquire new information on Joomla 1.5 and a great way to hook-up with Joomla resources. Here are some of my thoughts after the unconference: Allen Gunn flawlessly moderated the unconference. iJoomla is a private company that creates Joomla modules. iJoomla products look terrific. Merav Knafo, the founder has tremendous commitment to her products and customers. Ron Severdia shared Wow, he is [...]

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Website and Media

Dr. Norma Davis is a professional management consultant that specializes in turn-arounds, project management, and enterprise resource planing.  Dr. Davis had a Website but it was outdated and did not have good "curb appeal". Additionally, since her last name was not unique, it was hard for prospects to find her on the Internet. Project Deliverables 2 Small Brochure Websites with Blogs Production: 2 Video Podcasts Distribution: 2 Video Podcasts  

By |2018-11-15T07:04:01+00:00February 28th, 2007|Web Developments| went into publication in 1997 when the Internet was just emerging as an important source of information. Since that has gone through many changes including transitioning from an html site to a CMS powered site. Website:

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Brave New Web was featured in a cover article in Financial Planning Magazine® in 1999. That article begins with: “One of Laura Scroggins clients is a woman living in Japan. The two women have never met, nor have they spoken on the phone.” Official Magazine of the International Association of Financial Planning "A Brave New World“

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Recovering Site

Recovering a Drupal 6.x Website that is "down" is quite easy if you are prepared.  Here are my helpful steps on how to prepare for recovery if your site goes down.  Click the icon to watch the video. You will need a password to view this video. Please contact Avalon M I S  to request the password. [divider]

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