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My goal is to maintain investments and provide the best possible support to your client and once they are ready to sell I coordinate with the tenants on your behalf.  Through my agent referral program, I make leasing transactions easier for you and give you a generous referral fee.


  1. Clean the property before we advertise to rent.
  2. Take photos inside and out for marketing.
  3. Write a description of your offerings.
  4. Quantify the offerings including all included utilities and other benefits.
  5. Compare rents for tenancies that are similar.
  6. Itemize all expenses.
  7. Set rental rate for tenancies.
  8. Create marketing website or section of website for property.
  9. Establish the property on
  10. Advertise the listing.
  11. Answer questions from prospects.
  12. Establish tenant screening criteria.
  13. Accept applications through
  14. Process and Review applications.
  15. Analyze applicants and households against screening criteria.
  16. Review background checks.
  17. Set-up dates and times for showing the unit.
  18. Provide leasing document.
  19. Provide disclosure documents.
  20. Work with prospective tenants to complete the Agreement.
  21. Provide tenants and community manager with copy of Agreements.
  22. Prepare “Move-in” documents for initial walk through.
  23. Arrange for community manager to conduct walk-through with tenants.
  24. Collect security deposit and initial rents (cash, cashiers check, or money order ).
  25. Account and receipt for the funds.
  26. Invoice tenants monthly.
  27. Make bank deposit of funds to trust account.
  28. Collect and account for property expenses.
  29. Pay property expenses.
  30. Disburse funds to investor.
  31. Receive tenant calls 24/7.
  32. Dispatch required service provider.
  33. Coordinate with community manager for repairs and maintenance.
  34. Resolve tenant issues.