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Celebrity Website

Actress, writer, and comedian Nadya Ginsburg trusted Avalon M I S to transform her old WordPress website with a new celebrity site that is designed to showcase her talent. We first saw Ms. Ginsburg on the MSNBC Today Show where she was interviewed in response of her "Al Roker" music video. Ms. Ginsburg needed a way to display her many videos, sell tickets to performances, and provide background and biographical information.

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On-Demand Social Media

Avalon M I S  launched a new website and new services at ConciergeMBA.com.  The website and services are in response to prospects and clients who are looking for affordable, on-demand social media and business services. The site is powered by WordPress and was developed to make it easy for prospects and clients to order and request services. VISIT CONCIERGEMBA.COM  

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Warm Hearts

Avalon MIS is about to launch our latest brochure site for our friends at Cold Noses Warm Hearts. Cold Noses Warm Hearts is a non-profit organization that provides grooming, boarding, and placement services for dogs in-need.  This Website is a simple website that is integrated with Craigslist so that when the staff announces a pet for adoption, it is automatically posted to the website. The site is completed and is planned to launch the first week of December. Project Deliverables: Dynamic [...]

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Quick Landing Websites

The Quick Landing Websites were released in December 2011 at Quicklanding.com. These Websites are offered to small business owners who are interested in attractive, functional, and affordable Websites that are delivered in a short-period of time. Avalon MIS has been a leader in Website training for nearly a decade and are now offering new and redesigned Websites for small business.

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Small Biz Site

Dandy Dogs in Goleta California wanted an attractive and affordable Website that would helps clients find and contact her. She did not need online booking or eCommerce but did want an attractive and inviting site. Project Deliverables: Multiple page Website Includes Contact Form Google Map Stock Photos Slideshow Website: DandyDogs.Biz

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504 Planner

Finding and accessing financial information and resources is challenging for most small business owners. This is particularly true when you are considering the purchase of commercial property.  The 504 Planner™ Website is a tool for small business owners who are considering the purchase of commercial property for their business. In particular to business owners who are considering a 504 loan from the U.S. Small Business Administration.  Website: 504Planner.com

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Website and Photos

The best way to demonstrate the features and benefits of your services is to "show" people. This Central Coast chiropractor decided photographs of her adjusting a two month old baby would be an effective way to communicate the gentle nature of her treatments. The mother and daughter were on the adjusting table together with the infant comfortably and safely in her mother's arms. ** The photo shoot took two staff members about an hour to set-up at the Doctor's office. [...]

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Website and Media

Dr. Norma Davis is a professional management consultant that specializes in turn-arounds, project management, and enterprise resource planing.  Dr. Davis had a Website but it was outdated and did not have good "curb appeal". Additionally, since her last name was not unique, it was hard for prospects to find her on the Internet. Project Deliverables 2 Small Brochure Websites with Blogs Production: 2 Video Podcasts Distribution: 2 Video Podcasts  

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