Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Digital Marketing

Marketer (noun): a person or company that advertises or promotes something.

  • Branding
  • Retail Management
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Services Marketing
  • Product Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile and Email Marketing
  • Media Production

Web Development

Developer (noun): a person or thing that develops or innovates: .

  • Project Management
  • Analyze Wants and Needs
  • Set Strategy and Planning
  • Assist in Software Selection
  • Design and Create
  • Pre-Launch Testing
  • Documentation and Instruction
  • Launch and Monitor


Orator (noun): a public speaker, especially one who is eloquent or skilled.

  • Respecting the Confidentiality of Information
  • Identifying and Presenting Impactful Information
  • Recognizing the Concerns and Perspectives of Others
  • Selecting Language and Examples Tailored to Audience
  • Expressing Ideas Clearly and Concisely in Writing
  • Organizing Ideas Clearly in Oral Speech in Public and Groups
  • Using Multiple Channels or Means to Communicate Important Information


Technophile (noun): a person who loves or is enthusiastic about advanced technology.

  • CMS, CRM, LMS, and Project Management Technologies
  • WordPress® and Drupal®
  • Adobe® Fireworks (Graphic Design)
  • Social Media
  • Cloud Technology
  • Linux, Apache, MySQL, and php Servers
  • Microsoft® Office
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

Financial Management

Financial Expert (noun): a person who has expertise in multiple areas of finance.

  • Financial Planning
  • Insurance Investments / Variable Annuities
  • Investment Advice (Registered Investment Advisor – expired)
  • Measure Client’s Tolerance for Risk for Asset Allocation
  • Portfolio Management (FINRA 6, 63, 65 – expired)
  • Execute Trades on Clients’ Behalf
  • Interpreting Complicated Financial Information
  • Prepare and Present Financial Research Summaries
  • Make Informed Recommendations
  • Prepare, Maintain, and Present Compliance Documents and Materials

Real Estate

Broker (noun):  an intermediary of real estate/real property

  • Real Estate Appraisals (IRWA Certificate I)
  • Real Estate Acquisitions BRE#01760523
  • Eminent Domain (IRWA Certificate I)
  • Title Document Examination
  • Mortgage Loans NMLS #1287007
  • Perform Escrow Functions to Close Transactions
  • Property Management
  • Resort and Second Property Specialist
  • Senior Real Estate Specialist

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