Why a Buyer Should Never Pay More than Appraised Value on Leveraged Property

Recently a friend asked me to explain why a buyer should never pay more than appraised value on leveraged property.  Since she had taken a few classes I began by explaining the opportunity costs associated with this strategy and I could see her eyes "glass-over" and I knew I had lost her. When I shifted gears and started showing her the economic costs in dollars and cents, she began to understand.  Here are my examples. Example 1 Let's say you offer to purchase a home at $250,000 and you plan to invest $50,000 and [...]

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Laura L Worn

Orange County Great for Athletes

October 25th, 2016|Categories: Orange County Real Estate|Tags: , |

Consider Orange County. Forbes Magazine recently reported that Orange County is one of the most likely places to raise a world class athlete. The Realtor Association reports that the housing market for 2017 is optimistic for first-time home buyers. Almost half of these buyers are under 35 years old. If you are moving to California, consider Orange County. Not only is it more affordable than the Bay Area,

Millennials are Fueling California’s Real Estate Growth

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This is the California real estate update for October 20th and the first in a series of posts that looks at some of the interesting trends, stats, and opportunities in real estate in California and Orange County. The format includes about 3-4 interesting notes and the entire podcast will last about 6o seconds. I am working with professional newscaster Mary West and am grateful [...]






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