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Laura’s Guide to Laguna Woods Village

At the beginning of 2016 I moved to Laguna Woods Village with my spouse and two dogs. We came here to live a life with more options. Laura’s Guide evolved from my love of photography and web development. The website that the Village operated was insufficient for my needs so I created Laura’s Guide to Laguna Woods Village.

Publication Strategy

Lauras Guide to Laguna Woods Village
  • Endpoint: Schedule a Tour
  • Target: 50-70 yrs, English Speaking

  • Product Launch: August 2016

  • Stage of Development:  Introduction

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Designed for Rankings

SEO by Design

Laura’s Guide to Laguna Woods Village™ is designed to allow content to drive rankings rather than SEO engineering. For that purpose I have added lots of content and made that content easy to find, easy to understand, and highly relevant to their search. For example, “Top Ten Things to Do  …” which will include Laguna Woods Village, Irvine, and surrounding areas.

Top Ten Things to Do at Laguna Woods Village

Top Things to Do

Quiet Understanding

I want visitors to feel as though they can visit my Guide to get a “feel” for the Village and to learn more than the community’s website could provide.

Lauras Guide to Laguna Woods Village

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