Spa Website Package

Technical Specifications

//Spa Website Technical Specifications
Spa Website Technical Specifications2019-02-26T20:08:46-07:00


Fees and Rates

Development Costs

  • $600 One 5-Page Website Package

  • $2500 and Up for Custom Websites

  • $1500 Simple eCommerce Website

  • $2500 and Up for Custom eCommerce

Hourly Rates

  • $16 Data Entry

  • $36 WordPress Simple Addons and Changes

  • $48 WordPress Simple Admin

  • $180 WordPress Advanced Admin

Hosting Subscription

  • $35 per 5 Page Web Package

  • $75 per Small Web Package

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change/customize your “packages”?2019-01-03T06:12:09-07:00

Yes, we provide standardized services unless you request something else.

Who creates and adds the content to my website?2019-02-05T10:21:07-07:00

Content is created and added to the Website according to the terms of the contract. With the basic package, I will add the content you create to the website. In larger custom developments I can train the client to add content and they can input simple content. Copywriting services are also available as an additional service to any package or project.

How does new information get added to the site?2019-02-05T13:31:36-07:00

After the website is launched, you can add content to the Website yourself or you can hire my team to do it for you. If we do it for you we charge a nominal fee based on our fees (rates) above. You can choose to have a monthly package or as-needed. Let’s talk to decide which is going to be best for you.

Order Form

Contact Information

  • Front Page with Slider

  • Treatments and Services

  • About Our Team

  • Journal or Learn More

  • Contact Page

  • Integrated Search Optimization

  • Optimized Mobile Website

  • Beauty Industry Stock Photos

  • Thorough Web Statistics Reports

  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter and other Social Platforms

  • Online Appointments

  • eCommerce or Store

  • Blogging and Journals

  • Testimonials

  • Specials and Gifts Certificates
  • Frequently Asked Questions

License Agreement
  • Licensed Software
  • Non-Exclusive Rights

  • Licensed Media and Extensions

  • Can’t Distribute or Sell

  • Each Website, Per Website is Licensed

  • Transfer of licensing rights of the Website to another party is forbidden

Development Specifications


My Warranty and Guarantee is simple. Warranty: For the first 30 days after delivery, my team will fix defects in the design and development. Defects are typically small errors such as a misplaced image.  After 30 days we provide a number of services including adding pages, writing content, providing digital media, extending the functionality of the site and more. These services are provided for at an affordable rate. Guarantee: When your purchased product is delivered, if you are not happy then I retain the work and you pay nothing.