CMS Maintenance Packages for Private Practices

CMS Maintenance Updates for WordPress

This month I implemented new and improved CMS maintenance update packages that better provide for the needs of my private practice clients. I tried to create standard packages that could be priced consistently from site to site.

Most private practices fail to appreciate the risks they are taking by not keeping their site updated. A WordPress® brochure website built for a private practice will typically include:

  • WordPress®
  • 10-15 open-source plugins
  • 1-5 commercial plugins
  • 1 open source theme
  • >1 commercial theme>

From June 2010 to May 2012 there were 22 WordPress® updates released. In addition to the monthly updates to WP, your plugins and theme will need updating. Each well-supported plugin will on average have 3-8 updates per year. Assume that your site has 10 plugins that each need to be updated 4 times per year. That is 40 updates for plugins and 12 for WP. Do you want to monitor the plugins and apply the updates every month?

My CMS Maintenance Updates Packages


Starter Package

  • Monthly Backup
  • Update Core
  • Update Modules
  • Security Updates



Advanced Package

  • Monthly Backup
  • Update Core
  • Update Modules
  • Security Updates
  • + Feature Updates
  • + Bug Fixes



Growth Package

  • Weekly Backup
  • Core & Modules
  • Security/Features
  • Bug Fixes
  • + Performance
  • + Post Testing


Growth Package Details

  • Database optimization.
  • Scan for broken links and fix any that can be fixed and report any that cannot.
  • Update plugins (monthly) as new versions are released.
  • Update WordPress core (monthly) if required or recommended for security purposes.
  • Site Optimization for speed and security.
  • Clear spam comments (which can slow down your blog overall).

Please Learn more about my Full Maintenance and Update Packages which are a more comprehensive set of services. These prices are effective May 1, 2012 and are subject to change without notice.

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