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How to get started with a Website

This article was written to answer some simple questions about websites, domains, email, hosting, and other important internet services. If you've ever wondered how sites are hosted and by whom, and how domain names are created, then this article will be helpful. Where to Start You will want to begin by finding a domain name for your website. For example Kirombo.net . There are a couple of sites I recommend to find a domain name. If you know the name [...]

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Celebrity Website

Actress, writer, and comedian Nadya Ginsburg trusted Avalon M I S to transform her old WordPress website with a new celebrity site that is designed to showcase her talent. We first saw Ms. Ginsburg on the MSNBC Today Show where she was interviewed in response of her "Al Roker" music video. Ms. Ginsburg needed a way to display her many videos, sell tickets to performances, and provide background and biographical information.

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Quick Landing Websites

The Quick Landing Websites were released in December 2011 at Quicklanding.com. These Websites are offered to small business owners who are interested in attractive, functional, and affordable Websites that are delivered in a short-period of time. Avalon MIS has been a leader in Website training for nearly a decade and are now offering new and redesigned Websites for small business.

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eLearning Package

Avalon MIS is working on a white label eLearning project to provide training and documentation to a Fortune 500 company. The services that we are providing are white label, which means we are working as a sub-contractor on this project. The prime contractor is developing a Drupal powered Website and Avalon MIS is providing the documentation, instructor-led virtual training, and a modest eLearning Website. Project Deliverables Online Learning Environment 65 Page Website Handbook 2 3-hour Interactive Training Sessions

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eLearning Package

eLearning projects bring a certain amount of excitement to Avalon MIS, especially when the environment is supplemented with learning materials and interactive training. The client on this project is a large Web developer and SEO strategist who was awarded a contract to develop 12 Websites for a State government agency. The CMS developments are powered by Drupal, so Avalon MIS was hired to provide training and training material (collateral). ** Sub-Prime Contract Project Deliverables Online Learning Environment 25 Page Website [...]

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504 Planner

Finding and accessing financial information and resources is challenging for most small business owners. This is particularly true when you are considering the purchase of commercial property.  The 504 Planner™ Website is a tool for small business owners who are considering the purchase of commercial property for their business. In particular to business owners who are considering a 504 loan from the U.S. Small Business Administration.  Website: 504Planner.com

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Website and Media

Dr. Norma Davis is a professional management consultant that specializes in turn-arounds, project management, and enterprise resource planing.  Dr. Davis had a Website but it was outdated and did not have good "curb appeal". Additionally, since her last name was not unique, it was hard for prospects to find her on the Internet. Project Deliverables 2 Small Brochure Websites with Blogs Production: 2 Video Podcasts Distribution: 2 Video Podcasts  

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