“Laura is a tremendously hard-working professional who knows the ins and out of business operations. Fortunately, I was privileged enough to have her work for my team in the Bellevue market, where she definitely excelled above and beyond the call of duty. She was well over qualified for the role she was in, but made sure to inspire and develop everyone she came in contact with.

As a leader within the store, she modeled superior sales leadership among a young team and developed their approach/skill set. She was a top seller in my district that constantly kept her store competing for top honors and made it fun and interactive. I would constantly receive great tips, pointers and even small video clips of the unique things that her and her team were doing to go the extra mile.

Furthermore, Laura has an incredible grasp of the technical side of the business. She excelled in her role, allowing her time to work on process improvement with the use of technology to streamline and improve day to day operations. She is gifted in coding and using her strengths to help improve her surroundings in a way that made everyone’s life easier around her.

I definitely miss having Laura on my team and hope our paths cross once again. She is a gifted and dedicated team player who I would highly recommend to any organization that wants to take their operations to the next level”

“In all my years of business management, Laura was by far the best employee I’ve ever had. Her energy, enthusiasm, and experience set her scores above the rest. She is a dedicated team player who also maintains her individuality – a unique combination in an employee. She goes above and beyond the call of duty: constantly looking for creative ways to improve sales, customer retention, or business operations. She is savvy with technology, gifted with people, and driven to ensure her employer and teammates succeed at whatever challenge or task is presented.

Laura’s depth of knowledge, wealth of experience, and “never-stop-learning” attitude are invaluable to any type of business. She is beyond qualified for any position she is given, and definitely one you must have on your team!”


“Laura is the type of person who will find success in any endeavor she chooses to undertake. She is a hard worker and a brilliant problem solver. Her level high emotional intelligence and positive attitude allow her to handle the toughest business situations with ease and to build strong relationships with both co-workers and customers. . I would jump at the opportunity to collaborate again with such a smart and dynamic colleague and it is for that reason that I highly recommend Laura.”

“I have had the honor and privilege to work with Laura Scroggins while at California State University, Chico. At the time, taking over the Presidency of the largest student organization at Chico State was an awe inspiring experience. I was responsible for eighteen board members and over one hundred twenty-five student members. I was overwhelmed and knew I needed direction…

Laura held the position of chapter advisor and I was so grateful for her time and support. Laura challenged me to use my head and think through ways to better our organization. Laura is very passionate person which was very refreshing for me to witness at that time in my life. She encouraged me to be myself and to lead with energy and enthusiasm. Laura’s unselfish inspiration and ability to connect made profound impact on me which made me even more motivated to become a huge contributor to an organization I would join at the end of graduation.

I’m very thankful for Laura Scroggins. Laura’s ability to connect with people and high intelligence are some of her strongest character traits. Laura’s strong work ethic and impenetrable value system make Laura a major asset to anyone and to any firm seeking outliers. Thank you Laura for being “that person” who made unbelievable influence in my life and helping to guide me in the right direction!”


“Laura is a reliable and engaging teacher. People are comfortable interacting with Laura, and I think its the good vibes she brings. One of Laura’s strengths is how quickly she adjusts on the spot – during questions, training, or demonstrations – she’s top notch, informative, and is able to bring things down to Earth for people. Laura is one of those rare people who really knows a topic *and* can present them very well. ”


“Laura is a professional educator with extensive knowledge in several fields, including finance (which she previously taught at Humboldt State University), technology (the latest in Drupal training, the OpenSource movement) and business in general. She has not only taught at Humboldt, but also in the Bay Area as a specialist in the deployment of Drupal systems for web-based business solutions. In brief terms, at times I think of her as a walking university, and would recommend her to anyone considering to add her strengths to their organization.”


“Laura was an excellent and dedicated student. She was smart, hard working, well prepared and thoughtful about her studies. I appreciated her honesty and work ethic. I enjoyed studying with her and would recommend her for any role.”


I had the pleasure of attending one of Laura’s Management courses at CSU, Chico. Her passionate teaching style, as well as her real world business experience, make her one of the most qualified instructors I have had. Laura is also very approachable with a warm personality and a great sense of humor.