Help with your technology including digital media, content management systems, and tons of business apps and software.

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Create a high quality interactive website with all your important information.

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Widgets and

Learn how to install and work with extensions including plugins and widgets.

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Themes and

Install, create, and modify attractive compliant themes for your CMS websites.

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Menus and

Create custom menus and sidebar widgets to improve the user experience of your website.

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Upload multimedia content such as images, audio, and video easily and effectively.

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Updates and

Apply software updates and patches, plus maintain a safe hosting environment online.

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Interactive Live Training

Get help with content management systems including WordPress® and Drupal®.  Selection, installation, configuration, maintenance, extending, and training on these business apps, and business software.

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  • Anyone new to CMS applications or who is self-taught is a candidate for my training.
  • No prior WordPress knowledge is needed.
  • No prior web development or programming skills are required.
  • This course is designed for non-technical users who are more interested in content management and search engine optimization than the technical aspects of web site creation.
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In this training you will learn to develop your website quickly with the help of my live WordPress® or Drupal® training. My training will be your building block to your understanding of your installed applications. I will give you the fundamental administrative functions of your dashboard and a solid understanding of basic themes and plugins. The training also covers the powerful SEO plugins to improve your search rankings.

Training Outline

Module 1: Setup and Configure WordPress

  • Understanding the Downloads Website

  • Uploading Your WordPress Files via FTP

  • Installing WordPress

  • Logging into Your Dashboard

Module 2: Administering WordPress, Theme and Plugin Updates

  • Understanding the WordPress Dashboard – Updates Screen

  • Understanding Version, Release and Modification Updates

  • Updating Based on WordPress, Theme and Plugin Compatibility

  • Upgrading to the Latest WordPress Release

Module 3: Creating and Administering Posts

  • Creating Your First Menu

  • Adding Pages, Post and Categories to Your Menu

  • Enabling Advanced Menu Options

  • Adding Custom Links to Your Menu

Module 4: Creating and Administering Pages

  • Differences between Pages and Posts

  • Creating Your Basic Website Pages

  • Using HTML to Extend Page Content

Module 5: Creating and Administering Menus

  • Setting Up Categories and Tags

  • Understanding Title and Content Areas

  • Configuring the Publish Area

  • Setting the Featured Image

Module 6: Configuring Website Settings

  • Configuring General Settings

  • Configuring Reading Settings

  • Configuring Permalinks

Module 7: Media Library

  • Understanding the Default Width and Height Settings

  • Understanding WordPress Image File Creation
  • Understanding the Default Month Year Folder Structure

  • Uploading and Managing Media Files

Module 8: Themes and Plugins

  • Choosing a Theme
  • Installing and Configuring a Theme
  • Adding Menu, Media and Content to a Theme
  • Administering, Upgrading and Maintaining Plugins
  • Installing and Configuring a Form Plugin
  • Installing and Configuring a Media Library Plugin

Module 9: Administering User Accounts

  • Understanding the Built-in User Accounts

  • Setting Up User Security

  • Installing and Configuring a User Management Plugin

  • Merging and Deleting User Accounts

Optional Module 1: Comments and Discussions

  • Understanding the Comments Dashboard Settings

  • Setting Up and Commenting User Options

  • Administering Website Comments

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change/customize your “packages”?2019-03-11T14:21:27-07:00

Yes, we provide standardized services unless you request something else.

Do I need to order online? Can I just call you?2017-02-11T23:59:23-07:00

Of course you can order by phone! Here is my number: 949.304.8623.  You may get my voice mail so leave a message and I will call you back

What does training cost?2019-03-11T12:53:15-07:00

Simple technology training starts at $35 per hour, payable at the time you book your appointment.

What is online training?2019-03-11T12:32:07-07:00

My online training is actually virtual, interactive live training using Google® Cast. Simply cast to your teacher’s screen name from your Chrome browser. You don’t need this extension to cast.

For detailed instructions, see

Will I need to install software?2019-03-11T12:35:08-07:00

Not typically if you’re attending training for Internet Technology or the apps I support. Everything should be online.

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